Term of Use

LAST UPDATED: 6/26/2021
  1. Read these Terms and Conditions carefully before continuing or using our hiring services. These Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between your company and Get Jobly. 


    Any reference to the terms “company,” “we,” or “us” pertains to Get Jobly. Any reference to the terms “you,” “your,” or similar expression pertains to the company seeking to use our hiring service or currently using our hiring service.  Any reference to the terms “website,” “site,” or “Get Jobly site” pertains to getjobly.com. Any reference to the term “services” “hiring services” or any similar expression pertain to the hiring services provided by Get Jobly.


    If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms of Use, please refrain from employing our hiring services and using our website. 


    Hiring Services Terms of Use

    1. Hiring Services 


    Our hiring services are open to all companies seeking to hire candidates through our website.


    If your company seeks to use our services, you will be required to register on our website to set up your account and use the available features and tools on the site. This is also done to make it easier for you to avail our services and communicate with us.


    2. Review of Submitted Documents


    For us to deliver our hiring services to you, we may require you to submit some documents (e.g. hiring roadmap, compliance checklist, job description templates, job profiles, screening questions, interviewee instructions, etc.)


    • You acknowledge that the documents you have submitted to us are accurate and complete to your knowledge.
    • You retain all intellectual rights to the documents and their content. You also give us permission to use those documents to extent necessary for us to effectively deliver our hiring services and to perform our obligations according to these terms of use.
    • You agree to indemnify us against all costs, claims, losses, and expenses that may arise from the use of your online learning course or from any claim or action that your online learning course has infringed any third party’s intellectual property rights or any other rights.

    3. Associated Fees and Payment


    In order for us to facilitate our services, we will collect payment from companies that use our services. Such payment will be recurring monthly.


    Complete details about the fee and the terms for its payment will be discussed by our consultants with your company.


    Failure to pay for the fee on the agreed due date will result in the suspension of delivery of our services until a payment has been settled.


    4. Cancellation or Termination


    You may cancel using our hiring services at anytime without additional charge.


    We reserve the right to terminate our services to you without prior notice for such reasons as: (b.1.) breach of these terms of use on your part; (b.2.) frequent failure to settle the associated fees; (b.3) usage of our company name and services for purposes that can jeopardise our reputation and that of other companies that use our services.

    In the event that we terminate the delivery of our services to you, all of the rights we have granted to you as specified in these terms of use will no longer be applicable.


    5. Confidentiality


    We strive to protect all information provided to us as part of our services and we expect the same from the companies we work with. As such, each party acknowledges that it is not permitted to disclose any confidential information concerning the hiring services, business, clients, and affiliated entities of the other party to any person or entity.


    Both parties may disclose confidential information to their employees, consultants, and affiliates subject to strict confidentiality obligations. Such disclosure should only be carried out for the purposes outlined in these terms of use and when required by law, court order, or other government authority.


    6. Limitations on Liability; Indemnity


    To the extent permitted by law in no event shall Get Jobly and any third parties connected to us be held liable to any party for any damage, loss, cost, expense, whether direct, indirect, or consequential, as a result of your use of our services, your decision to exercise the rights granted to you under these terms of use, or your breach of these terms of use.


    You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Get Jobly, including our directors, officers, employees, consultants, assessors, and third parties connected to us, from any and all third party claims, liability, damages, losses, expenses (including but not limited to legal fees) incurred in connection with or arising from your use of our services and website and any breach by you of these terms of use conditions.


    7. Variation and Enforcement


    No variation of these terms of use shall be effective unless Get Jobly and your company or another company that uses our services agreed in writing.


    No third party has the right to enforce these terms of use. Additionally, nothing in these terms of use establishes any partnership or joint venture between either party and another entity. These terms of use also do not authorise either party (you and us) to enter into any agreement or commitment with another entity in behalf of the other.


    8. Invalidity


    If any court or competent authority deems any part of these terms and conditions unenforceable, the enforceability of other provisions of these terms of use will not be affected and will remain in full force and effect. If any provision or part of a provision can be severed to render it or its part valid and enforceable, we will apply the needed modification.


    9. Complaints and Waiver


    When complaints or disputes arise in connection with our services, use of our website, and enforcement of these term of use, we ask you to notify us immediately. We follow a complaints’ handling procedure to properly resolve complaints and disputes.


    We treat any non-compliance to these terms of use as a serious matter. If you have breached these conditions and we have not taken any immediate action, we will be entitled to use our rights to take actions we deem appropriate in any other situation where you breach these conditions.


    10. Amendments


    We may occasionally update these terms of use. We encourage you to check this page from time to time to ensure that you are aware of and are comfortable with the amendments we have made.


    11. Entire Agreement and Jurisdiction


    The above terms of use constitute the entire agreement between both parties and supersede any and all preceding and contemporaneous agreements between you Get Jobly. 


    These terms of use, and any claims or disputes arising from their use and enforcement, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English laws.